Course Details

To provide free classes or  1-2-1 training to vulnerable, disadvantaged, and young people in danger of offending

The system will be on a referral basis to identify the young people that fit the correct criteria.  

External Partners 

Referrals will be accepted from professional dealing with young people.

We have set up the programme with the support of Local Schools, SNT  Redditch and Bromsgrove West Mercia Police, Children First Worcestershire, social workers and local councillor’s.


How the project will work 

A referral form  will be completed by the professional and forwarded to RSD .

This will be revised for suitability, following which  the guardian of the child will be contacted if deemed acceptable. The guardian will be offered initially 4 x 30 minute sessions in the RSD facility. If deemed necessary, a further 2 sessions could be offered if required.

Self Defence /Boxing training will be offered, and participants are welcome to bring household members to train with if necessary. This can aid training and can support students with anxiety issues.

During the sessions the participant will be encouraged to partake in free group sessions as an extension and to be able to sustain engagement and training.

The participant will be encouraged to complete a review form to monitor users feedback 


Referral sheets will be maintained for all participants

Review sheets will be provided to all participants to measure effectiveness of the training and their experience.

A spread sheet will be maintaining hours spent by RSD providing the service

Any testimonials or review from external partners will be suppliedexternal  partners will be expected to assist in compiling information