If you want to buy a bleed for your venue or fund buying one they are not that expensive and you may save a life your Business will go on our website as a provider .I am asking local companies to buy one at a little over cost price then the excess money can be used to buy one to be used at a venue such as a charity Foc to them People can also donate to our crowd funder page even a tiny amount can go towards buying a kit. These Kits are endorsed by The West Midland Ambulance Service.The Control The Bleed kit locations are also stored in a national database and accessed by 999 phone operators. Each Kit will be registerd with the location.The caller will be told which kit is nearest their location for fastest collection to provide vital aid by preventing blood loss.The contents are easy to use and designed to be able to be used by the general public when i deliver them i will explain the contents to the receiving person and give them basic Training on the use . COST £110 That includes delivery VAT and if you want to pay extra to fund more kits and get you on our website as a sponsor its £150 .